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OSGi + JVM Add-on for SheevaPlug Dev Kit on SD-Card
Price: $39.00 (USD)

The OSGi + JVM Add-on for the SheevaPlug Dev Kit is the ideal choice for developers who wants to start OSGi R&D activities fast, easy, with low budget - but without making any compromises.


The Add-on contains everything that is needed to get an OSGi based setup started. In addition to the ProSyst commercial OSGi framework 'mBedded Server Professional Edition' - an OSGi R4 certified framework implementation - the OSGi + JVM Add-on comes along with an underlaying JVM, helpful development tools as well as useful demo applications running on top of the OSGi layer. It will be provided as ready-to-use and
pre-configured image dedicated for SheevaPlug to get developers discovering OSGi technology as easy as possible. The OSGi + JVM Add-on will be supplied on a SD-card (fits into card slot of your SheevaPLug) that includes the following:

Certified commercial OSGi R4 framework:

ProSyst mBedded Server Professional Edition (with rich Resource Management capabilities)

Reliable and optimized JVM:

VM (J9) by MicroDoc (with Resource Management  extensions)

Eclipse plug-in tool for OSGi bundle development:

ProSyst mToolkit

Java source code optimization tool:

ProSyst JProfiler (time-limited version)

ProSyst demo applications:

OSGi Bundle Admin, OSGi User Admin, Resource Logger
UPnP Devices Manager
Web Cameras Manager, Media Server Admin (optional)

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