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MC200+8800 Development Board V2
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The Marvell 88MC200 microcontroller is a highly integrated system-on-chip (SoC) built using advanced 55-nanometer process technology. The Marvell 88MC200 has a CPU clock up to 200Mhz, 512KB SRAM memory, 8MB of on-chip serial flash memory, and rich set of I/O interfaces to offer high performance, lower power consumption and a significantly reduced total bill of materials for a wide variety of smart devices.

The 88MC200+8801 Development board V2 integrates the microcontroller along with Marvell's b/g/n WiFi 88W8801 chipset on a single module which can be removed fand duplicated for prototyping and manufacturing.


Common Applications

The Wi-Fi Microcontroller Platform enables smart connectivity to a broad range of devices such as thermostats, air conditioners, appliances, lighting controls, mobile clients, cloud services, and other devices on the Internet of Things including:

• White goods/appliances: refrigerator, washer, dryer, oven range, microwave, dishwasher
• Consumer devices and accessories: toys, speakers, headset, alarm clock, gaming accessory, remote control
• Home automation: smart outlet, light switch, security camera, thermostat, sprinkler controller, sensor, door lock, door bell, garage door, security system
• Personal health devices: weighing scale, glucometer, blood pressure monitor, fitness equipment
• IoT/wearables: coffee pot, rice cooker, vacuum cleaner, air purifier, smart watch, fitness bracelet, pet monitor
• Commercial/industrial: lighting, building automation, asset management, Point of Sale (POS)
• Gateways: Connecting IR, sub-Gig or Legacy RF, Bluetooth Smart, ZigBee, ZWave and other radios to Wi-Fi/IP network

MC200+8801 Developemnt Board V2


Marvell Easy-Connect Software provides a feature-rich software stack that allows OEMs to focus on application-specific software functionality, thus enabling rapid development and reduced software development costs and risks. Marvell Easy-Connect Software SDK includes:

• 88MC200 SoC support and Peripheral Drivers
• FreeRTOS Operating system.
• LwIP Embedded TCP/IP Networking stack supporting TCP/IP v4/IPv6 networking with BSD-socket API’s.
• OS and networking abstraction layer allowing alternate RTOS and TCP/IP stack usage.
• A complete Wi-Fi driver and stack supporting Wi-Fi client mode (802.11 b/g/n and 802.11a depending on the chipset), Wi-Fi Micro-AP mode (supporting 5-10 clients depending on the chipset used), Simultaneous AP/Client mode, Antenna Diversity, WPA-2 PSK security, WPA-2 Enterprise security with EAP-TLS, WPS, and Wi-Fi Direct (P2P), Wake-on-WLAN, and full Wi-Fi power-management.
• Power Management Framework simplifying development of low-power applications
• Overlay manager to enable more efficient memory usage
• Flash storage API, Persistent Storage Manager to store key-value pairs, Read-only file system to serve web-apps, and Flash partition manager to enable flexible partitioning of flash supporting application-specific use-cases.
• Advanced networking middleware including DHCP server, HTTP client, HTTP server, Bonjour (mDNS/DNS-SD) responder and querier, and Web-sockets
• Cryptography Library, AES and CRC, and TLS/SSL Library supporting TLS v1.2 (client and server mode).
• JSON and XML parsers
• Marvell Provisioning Framework to sample provisioning applications on Android and iOS to support simple setup of Wi-Fi devices using Mirco-AP mode with web-server, or using Sniffer mode.
• Apple’s Wireless Accessory Configuration feature using Apple-licensed MFi technology for simplified out-of-the box setup of Wi-Fi devices.
• Marvell application framework to simplify application development.
• Debugging and Development support including serial-console, command-line shell, and support for obtaining information system information like threads, sockets, heap usage, etc.
• Over-the-air (OTA) Firmware upgrade support
• Easy command line Make based build system utilizing GNU ARM Toolchain.
• Support for IAR to develop applications.
• OpenOCD support for JTAG operations including flashing, loading code into RAM, flashing etc.
• Flash programming tools over JTAG and Serial.
• Support for Linux, Windows (Cygwin) and MacOS as host-development platforms
• Support for Eclipse IDE with CDT including JTAG based debugging with integrated Eclipse debugger and GDB
• Sample applications illustrating usage model for different features and API’s.
• Complete production-ready reference applications
• Support for Wi-Fi testing, and applications to test in manufacturing and certifications.
• User-guide and complete reference documentation
• Serial-to-Wi-Fi Firmware application that can be used as-is, or customized as appropriate.
• Integrated support for a growing number of Cloud partners
• Support built in Segger JFLASH for production

Access to the Marvell SDK needs a signed NDA with Marvell Semiconductor. Please contact Globalscale Sales or sign up for access at:

The Marvell 88MC200 integrates the following features:

Key Features

CPU Core & Memory

 ARM Cortex-M3 200MHz
 1MB QSPI Flash


 512 kB on-chip SRAM; 4kB retention RAM


 CRC, AES (128-bit)


 QSPI (1) SSP/SPI/I2S (3), I2C (3), UART (4)
 SDIO, USB OTG (FS) with integrated PHY

On-Chip Power Management

 DC-DC Charge Pump
 5 Power Modes with Multiple Wakeup Sources

Advanced Analog

 2x16-bit conversion time ADC
 2x10-bit 500ksps DAC
 2 analog comparators

Support multi-voltage levels of GPIOs

 3.3V, 1.8V ( VIO < =VBAT )
b/g/n WiFi with microAP and Client modes available, WEP WPA WPA2 security


Physical Dimension

Module-37.5mm x 21mm

Carrier Board- 60mm x 90mm

Access to the Marvell SDK needs a signed NDA with Marvell Semiconductor. Please contact Globalscale Sales or sign up for access at:

88MC200‐W8801 DVB Quick Start Guide


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