GSTD2Plug → D3

Price: $199.00 (USD)

Globalscale's D3 taps into the power of Diginal Signage and provides high-end media streaming.


Packaged in a low profile design the DevKit offers:

Marvell Dove CPU @933MHz speed with 3D GPU
SDRAM: 1GB DDR3 466MHz clock rate on 32 bit bus
1x Gigabit Ethernet 10/100/1000 Mbps
1x HDMI 1080p output
802.11 b/g/n WiFi
Expandable 2T/2R or 4T/4R mini-card WiFi
1x USB 2.0 Host 
2x USB 3.0 Host Type-A
Console I/O micro-USB for system development
Kernel: Linux 3.4.2
Boot device: 2MB SPI NOR Flash for uboot

Buy with JTAG Combo and SAVE $10

Customizable Computing

The D3 is an evolution of the D2 Plug. Based upon the same Marvell PXA510 CPU, the D3 offers upgraded an upgraded clock speed from 800mhz to 933mhz. It provides the same 1080 HDMI display out and the availability of USB 3.0 as opposed to just 2.0. In addition, the D3 possess a mini PCIe slot for the addition of 3G/4G cards or High speed WiFi modules. A Msata slot is reserved internally for the addition of Msata format storage memory.


Digital Signage
Media streaming and player
Office Automation
Instrumentation Control
Cloud Computing
General Purpose Computing

Extended I/O performance

1Each 10/100/1000 Ethernet
1Each USB 2.0 Host
2Each USB 2.0 Host Type-A
1Each HDMI 1080p Output
Console I/O micro-usb for system development
JTAG 8pin connection
Internal mSATA connector
Internal Mini PCI-e connector
12V/2Amp Power Jack
Reset Button
WiFi: 802.11b/g/n

Optional JTAG unit is RECOMMENDED for programming and debugging.


Attractive End-Product Form Factor with enhanced thermal performance and rich set of I/O interfaces

Single platform for enhanced computing, graphics and multimedia
Interactive applications with dual display support with resolution up to 1080p (1920 x 1080)
Integrated higher speed networking, storage and I/O expansion using USB interfaces

Open Source Platform

Developers can focus on Application and System Integration with out-of-box configuration
Community support can be leveraged and enhanced through collaboration
PC-like system integration support with access to thousands of application packages

Higher performance with low operating power in a fan-less enclosure

Always-on computing at lower cost
No moving parts results in higher reliability
Same hardware can be deployed as “Server” or “Workstation” configuration

Marvell ARMADA 510 high performance ARM v7-933 GHz CPU

ARM v6/v7 –compliant superscalar processor core
933MHz operation
3D Graphics Processing Unit
512KB L2 cache


1GB DDR3 466MHz clock rate on 32 bit bus
8GB eMMC Flash for kernel and root file system


Power input: 100-240VAC/50-60Hz 19W
DC Consumption: 12V/2.0A
High efficiency detachable AC-DC PSU
Cable and Plug configuration support

Development Interface

Serial console interface available through integrated UART-USB (PL2303) converter
8-pin JTAG connector – compatible with JTAG Debug unit

High speed I/O & Peripherals

1 x Ethernet 10/100/1000 Mbps
2 x USB 3.0 Type-A
1 x eSATAp – Powered eSATA and USB 2.0 Host combo port
1 x USB 2.0 Device port
1 x HDMI 1080p Output port with CEC
1 x Console I/O micro-USB for system development
Internal mSATA connector
Internal Mini PCI-e connector
Reset Button –GPIO reset
DC Jack 12V

WiFi: 802.11 b/g/n
Expandable 2T/2R or 4T/4R mini-card WiFi


U-Boot (on internal SPI NOR Flash)
Linux 3.4.2 (on eMMC)
Ubuntu 10.04 rootfs (on eMMC)
Open source code available at
GIT repository of U-Boot and Linux BSP available at

Physical Dimension

156mmx 91mmx 28.5mm

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