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MW322 Evaluation Board
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The Power to Integrate!

The RD-88MW322 Reference design is a development kit based on the MW322, the latest integrated Cortex M4 Microcontroller from Marvell. This integrates 802.11b/g/n Wi-Fi on a single microcontroller chip along with PA for optimized BOM and RBOM cost. The chip is the basis for Marvell's Apple Homekit platform. Please contact Globalscale Sales for Homekit development or for using Apple's Authentication chips.

The Wi-Fi Microcontroller Platform enables smart connectivity to a broad range of devices such as thermostats, air conditioners, appliances, lighting controls, mobile clients, cloud services, and other devices on the Internet of Things including:

• White goods/appliances: refrigerator, washer, dryer, oven range, microwave, dishwasher
• Consumer devices and accessories: toys, speakers, headset, alarm clock, gaming accessory, remote control
• Home automation: smart outlet, light switch, security camera, thermostat, sprinkler controller, sensor, door lock, door bell, garage door, security system
• Personal health devices: weighing scale, glucometer, blood pressure monitor, fitness equipment
• IoT/wearables: coffee pot, rice cooker, vacuum cleaner, air purifier, smart watch, fitness bracelet, pet monitor
• Commercial/industrial: lighting, building automation, asset management, Point of Sale (POS)
• Gateways: Connecting IR, sub-Gig or Legacy RF, Bluetooth Smart, ZigBee, ZWave and other radios to Wi-Fi/IP network

The MW322 features both a 21mm x 37mm module mounted on a full feature development board. An Apple Authentication chip can be mounted for Homekit development. see block for more details

Marvell's Wireless Microcontroller Software Development Kit (WMSDK) enables the development of custom firmware images that can be run on the processor built-into Marvell's 88MW322 single chip WLAN MCU. This software/hardware platform can be used to realize complex applications that can run on low cost and low-power consuming hardware.

Access to the Marvell SDK needs a signed NDA with Marvell Semiconductor. Please contact Globalscale Sales or sign up for access at:

Module Wireless Performance
(Preliminary pending final FCC certification)

Physical Dimension

Carrier Board-62mm x 95mm

MW322 Module 21mm x 30mm

MW322 Module with PCB antenna with Diversity 21mm x 37mm

In addition to the Marvell SDK, Marvell supports the AWS IOT SDK which is open software and available at

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