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GTI-MW300-L Module
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The GTI-MW300L/MW320L is a high performance, low-power WLAN WiFi Module with highly integrated System-on-Chip (SoC) solution designed for a broad array of smart devices for Internet of Things (IoT), wearables, accessories, Machine-to-Machine (M2M), home automation, and Smart Energy applications.

A high degree of integration enables very low system costs requiring only a single 3.3V power input, a 38.4 MHz crystal, and SPI Flash. It has been Integrated with on board sheet metal stamping antenna and another U.FL connector optional for external antenna.

The SoC includes a full-featured W LAN subsystem powered by proven and mature IEEE 802.11n/g/b Marvell technology. The WLAN subsystem integrates a WLAN MAC, baseband, and direct-conversion RF radio with integrated PA, LNA, and transmit/receive switch. It also integrates a CPU subsystem with integrated memory to run Marvell WLAN firmware to handle real time WLAN protocol processing to off-load many WLAN functions from the main application CPU.

The SoC is designed for low-power operation and includes several low-power states and fast wake-up times. Multiple power domains and clocks can be individually shut down to save power. The SoC also has a high-efficiency internal PA that can be operated in low-power mode to save power. The microcontroller and WLAN subsystems can be placed into low-power states, independently, supporting a variety of application use cases. An internal DC-DC regulator provides the 1.8V rail for the WLAN subsystem.

The SoC provides a full array of peripheral interfaces including SSP/SPI/I2S (3x), UART (3x), I2C (2x), General Purpose Timers and PWM, ADC, DAC, Analog Comparator, and GPIOs. It also includes a hardware cryptographic engine, RTC, and Watchdog Timer. The 88MW302/ 88MW322 includes a high speed USB On-The-Go (OTG) interface to enable USB audio, video, and other applications but 88MW300/ 88MW320 doesn’t have this USB OTG.

A complete set of digital and analog interfaces enable direct interfacing for I/O avoiding the need for external chips. The application CPU can be used to support custom application development avoiding the need for another microcontroller or processor.

Module Wireless Performance

PIN Outs .. Refer to Data Sheet and User Guide

Data Sheet and User Guide

Refer to Data Sheet and User Guide

Data Sheet and User Guide

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