Design Services


We help our customers move effectively through the concept phase by utilizing its product feasibility, design, and proof of processes. The earliest stages of product design often require Globalscale Technologies and our customers to share intellectual property and work closely together. In handling a customer's sensitive technology intellectual property, trust is imperative. With the utmost confidentiality, we focus on providing expert product design services for a wide range of products and place the highest priority on protecting our customer’s intellectual property.  Once the concept has been formulated we create “Block Diagrams”.


Block Diagrams

Close integration and interaction with the customer and Globalscale’s experienced engineering teams enables us to assure the creation of Block Diagrams that will comply with even the most stringent of specification requirements and standards. Having this close involvement with Globalscale's engineering teams and the customer early in the product development phase:

Allows proper design decisions to be made early in the development cycle
Helps avoid costly re-designs and re-manufacturing processes
Assists in getting their product to market faster, lowering production costs & increasing quality levels


Globalscale Technologies uses the most up-to-date design tools (ORCAD) and provides a broad range of engineering expertise to quickly and accurately create the schematic. We select the appropriated components to assure the highest quality, best functionality with least cost. 

Printed Circuit Board Layout


Globalscale Technologies uses the latest Computer Aided Design (CAD) tool and advanced instruments/equipment to quickly create new designs into Gerber files. Our Cadence Allegro software helps us bring your product idea from conception into a world class product. 


ID Design/ Mock-up / CAD Design

Our designers can also provide the integration of printed circuit board into the stylish enclosures and ensure the final product has universal appeal. We use the latest design tools: Solidworks/AutoCAD/Pro E/ to create 2D/3D drawings to mock-ups for form, fit and function before fabricating the permanent tooling.


Thermal Analysis

We perform thermal analysis to assure heat dissipation by selecting the right heat sink and/or appropriated location of the enclosure vents.



Globalscale Technologies has in-house software capability as well as partners in India to write all coding. We also perform the “bring-up” after porting the software to hardware. We have the capability to carry out all the test plans to assure highest production yields.


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