01. Sourcing Components - at the lowest cost, best delivery and highest quality

All our Suppliers have to pass a rigid qualification process. Therefore you can rest assured that the integrity of components on the boards are always of the highest standard.

02. Prototype to High Volume Production

We have dedicated "Prototype" lines for the smaller production runs, and we can migrate them to our higher volume assembly lines when the need arises.

03. Surface Mount Technology (SMT)

SPC (Statistical Process Control) is integrated to our state of art SMT assembly lines to achieve the highest quality and reliability.

Our capabilities are:

AOI (Automated Optical Inspection)
BGA/Micro BGA (Ball Grid Array) assembly and X-Ray inspection
CSP and 0201 component
Fine Pitch and large components  


04. Through Hole (Thru-Hole) Assembly

Whether it is RoHS wave soldering or a secondary hand-soldering operation, our experienced staff will always manufacture to IPC Class II and Class III standards.

05. Wire-Bonding

We apply aluminum wire bonding on wafer die in a controlled environment clean room. Our intensive testing of the pre/post epoxy processes ensures the product produced is of the highest quality.

06. Cable Assemblies and over-molding process

We can construct an assortment of cable and wire harnesses, mechanical and sub assemblies, according to your required application and specifications. 

07. Testing

We offer the following services:

ICT–In-Circuit Testing
Functional Test
JTAG– Flying Probe
Test Burn-in
Test Vibration Test
System Level Testing 


08. Conformal Coating

Our selective coating machine can precisely give consistent thickness of conformal coating. We offer services for all industrial applications for both small and large volume projects.

09. Box Build

We can provide “box build” solutions which have the flexibility of a variety of configurations to meet our customer’s request.

Whether it is just board level assembly and test, sub-modules or final product assembly, our highly skilled staff will always ensure we can meet or exceed your expectations. 

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