Globalscale today is pleased to announce that it has launched a new family of lower power BLE and energy harvesting modules and boards with Atmosic Technologies, a fabless semiconductor company. Globalscale announces immediate availability of the GTI-ATM3330e module which is a ultra low power Bluetooth 5.3 module with energy harvesting. This builds upon the initial success of its first standalone BLE module the GTI-ATM2202 module

The GTI-ATM3330e module supports four harvesting methods: photovoltaic (light), motion, thermal, and radio frequency (RF). The integrated power management unit is designed to source energy primarily from harvested sources and save excess harvested energy to any storage element implemented into a customer design. The module supports several energy storage configurations to extend the life of standard batteries or work with a rechargeable battery. The module can even allow devices to operate battery-free with capacitor storage.

Key features of the ATM3330e module:
• Bluetooth Low-Energy 5.3 compliant
• 64 MHz Arm Cortex-M33F MCU
• 64 KB ROM, 128 KB RAM, 512 KB NVM
• Wide 1.1 – 4.2v input voltage support
• Supports RF, photovoltaic, thermal, mechanical, and other energy harvesting sources
• Support external energy storage interface supports a variety of storage options
• Support I2C (2), I2S, SPI (2), UART (2), PWM (8), 31 GPIOs
• Supports quad SPI
• Supports 11-bit application ADC, 4 external, 5 internal channels, up to 2 Msps
• Supports two mono or one stereo digital microphone input (PDM)
• Support 8 x 20 keyboard matrix controller (KSM)
• Supports quadrature decoder (QDEC)
• Supports SWD for interactive debugging

“With the introduction of fully certified modules based on the ATM33 series SoC, sustainability is a real and viable option for IoT developers of all applications and project volumes,” said Dylan Ko, Director of Product Marketing at Atmosic Technologies. “Partners such as GlobalScale bring fantastic time-to-market and value-add through their custom design service capabilities, which in turn help reduce the ever-increasing toxic side effects of battery use in the IoT.”
To support customers developing their applications with the GTIM333E module, GlobalScale offers a full-featured development kit (GTI-ATM3330E-DEV), soon available from leading distributors such as Mouser and directly from GlobalScale for USD $99. The development kit supports a host of peripherals including an LTE-M1/GNSS module, temperature sensor, and a 3-axis accelerometer for developers creating a broad range of IoT projects.

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