Sheeva 64


Sheeva64 is the next generation of the Sheevaplug the product that started the plugcomputing movement. It combines the compact and reliable form factor of the original Sheevaplug along with high performance 64bit dual core Armada SOC of the ESPRESSObin. It also possess rich I/O interfaces with Dual Gb interfaces, 1GB DDR4, 4GB on board flash, and 2 USB Type A connectors. Connectivity wise you can order the device with an optional 2×2 ac Wi-Fi and BLE 4.2.

For purchase of Telec certified Sheeva64 units please visit our Japan distributor Click Here


Dual core 64bit Armada ARM SOC up to 1.2Ghz
2xGb Ethernet
2x USB Type A
1x RTC Battery
1x Mini USB  for console
1x MicroSD card slot